Seasonal Openings

Raines Pool Service will reassemble your swimming pool equipment, observe, lubricate, adjust, and test the equipment for efficient operation. We make note of any item in need of repair or replacement. If repair can be made at opening and authorization is provided, repairs will be made during the opening of the swimming pool to prevent delays and added costs.

   Raines Pool Service will then remove the winter cover, treat the cover with a deodorizer, and fold the cover for storage. Water bags will be drained, folded, and stored with the cover. Spin-ups will be secured. We recommend storing the cover in a container to protect it from mice, ants and spiders that nest and chew covers.  A 96 gallon trash can with wheels on one side is a good option.

There are a couple different options for swimming pool openings, including a discount when scheduling a chemical package delivery with the opening.